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40 Years of Unequalled Artificial Eye Expertise

Your trusted ocularist for expert design, impeccable fit, and unparalleled support in artificial eyes - guiding you with care as your premier artificial eye supplier for all ages.

artificial eyes for adults

Artificial Eyes for Adults

Through work and play, experience renewed confidence with our meticulously crafted prosthetic eye services, seamlessly blending artistry and function to redefine your appearance.
artificial eyes for children

Artificial Eyes for Children

View our services for vibrant prosthetic eyes for babies, infants and children. A playful blend of comfort and creativity, ensuring every look is a celebration of your child’s joy and strength.
artificial eyes aftercare - finishing of prosthesis

Artificial Eyes Aftercare

Dedicated cosmetic shell or prosthetic eye care is essential, ensuring not only its longevity but also promoting comfort, a natural appearance, and for your overall health and well-being.

Eye Prosthesis Types

Prosthetic Eyes

Crafted just for you, an artificial eye is a custom ocular prosthesis designed to replace your missing eye. It is more than just a cosmetic replacement - it plays a crucial role in supporting your normal facial development and function, fostering well-being and reducing emotional stress.

Cosmetic or Haptic Shells

Introducing the cosmetic eye shell, or scleral shell prosthesis – our slim, non-fluid shell tailored to snugly fit over your natural eye. Its personalised design ensures a seamlessly natural appearance, fostering regular development and enhancing confidence and self-image.

Our Team

Meet our Ocularists

With over 40 years of experience and extensive relationships in the ocular and medical industry, our two gifted ocularists bring unparalleled expertise to craft personalised and top-quality artificial eyes.

James H Morphett ocularist fake eye specialist

James H Morphett


With decades of expertise in ocular prosthetics, James is a trusted ocularist who is renowned for his expertise, empathy, sensitivity, and caring approach, often adding a touch of humour.

Alice Grimsdell fake eye prosthetist

Alice Grimsdell


Having worked with global leaders in 3D Cad Cam technology, Alice’s meticulous artistry, combined with a patient and empathetic approach, allows her to create ocular prosthesis that empower patients to feel confident and comfortable. 

Clinic Locations

Find a clinic near you for personalised care.
James H Morphett Sydney CBD NSW artificial eye clinic

Sydney CBD Clinic

Suite 12, 5th Floor,
229 Macquarie St, Sydney NSW 2000
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James H Morphett Parramatta NSW artificial eye clinic

Parramatta Clinic

Suite 29, 2nd Floor,
20 Macquarie St, Parramatta NSW 2150
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James H Morphett Woden ACT artificial eye clinic

Woden ACT Clinic

Ground Floor, Suite 3,
48 Corinna St, Woden ACT 2606
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James H Morphett Hamilton NSW artificial eye clinic

Hamilton Clinic

Hudson St Specialist Centre,
48 Hudson St, Hamilton NSW 2303
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James H Morphett Orange NSW artificial eye clinic

Orange Clinic

269 Lords Place,
Orange NSW 2800
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Find answers to frequently asked questions about our state-of-the-art artificial eyes and personalised ocular solutions.

The timeline for obtaining a custom-fitted artificial eye can vary, but on average, our process can take up to several weeks. This allows for precise craftsmanship and fittings to ensure your prosthetic eye closely matches your natural eye and is comfortable.