Relationships are key to your prosthetic eye

As artificial eye suppliers, James H Morphett invests time with you to ensure individualised care for a comfortable and natural prosthesis. Our long-term patient relationships and alliance with healthcare specialists support your care.

Why choose James H Morphett ocularist?

When vision is lost, trust in the patient-focused artistry of our prosthetic eye ocularists. Since 1985, we are committed to complete and compassionate care for your well-being.

  • Innovative technology and safest materials

    Integrating cutting-edge technology with proven materials, we create natural-looking, comfortable, and enduring artificial eyes that prioritise your satisfaction. Our unique extended curing process guarantees the purity of your prosthesis, while our fitting techniques not only enhance appearance but also contribute to your eyes’ durability and overall comfort.

  • Artificial Eye Craftsmanship

    It’s not all about technology. Our expert ocular craftsmanship, cultivated over 40 years, meticulously sculpts and hand-paint each artificial eye and shell to match the intricate details of your unique features, resulting in a natural-looking and comfortable prosthetic that restores confidence and enhances your well-being.

  • The latest in custom prosthetic eyes

    Maintaining continuous communication with leaders in the international and Australian ocular field, we have earned widespread recognition as an innovative practice, particularly in the treatment of children. Our ocularists stay abreast of advancements in materials, technology, and techniques, ensuring state-of-the-art eye prosthesis types and solutions for you.

  • We make eye prosthesis care easy

    Our modern consulting clinics and pristine laboratories are strategically located for ease of parking, drop off facilities and public transport in Sydney and Parramatta. Pioneers in our field, we were the first prosthetic eye ocularists to organise regular monthly and quarterly trips to regional NSW, extending our services to patients in and around Canberra, Newcastle, and Orange.

  • Proudly Australian Owned And Operated

    At James H Morphett Ocularist, we take pride in being a wholly Australian-owned and operated company. Every prosthesis we craft is made right here in Sydney, ensuring that we support our local community and economy. Our commitment to Australian excellence is reflected in the quality of our work and the satisfaction of our clients. By choosing us, you're not only receiving world-class ocular prosthetics but also supporting a homegrown business dedicated to making a difference.


Our artificial eyes and shells offer comfort, health and a natural appearance to empower your confidence.
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Our Ocularists

When vision is lost, trust in the patient-focused artistry of our prosthetic eye ocularists. Since 1985, we are committed to complete and compassionate care for your well-being.

James Morphett

James H Morphett OcularistWith over 40 years of expertise in ocular prosthetics, James is a trusted ocularist who has served patients of all ages, spanning from babies and children to adults, across Sydney, throughout NSW, and internationally.

His career journey started in general optics, with a notable stint in specialist contact lenses, including contributions to movies like Mad Max II and various television ads. His venture into prosthetic eyes began with the creation of shells for damaged eyes.

Well-established in the ocular industry, James collaborates closely with ophthalmologists and hospitals globally, including those in Australia, Europe, South Africa, Canada, and the USA, ensuring the best outcomes and support for every patient. As the founding President of the Ocularist Association of Australia, he currently serves as Vice President, dedicating numerous hours to researching, perfecting, and advancing artificial eyes and shells.

James is renowned for his expertise, empathy, sensitivity, and caring approach, often adding a touch of humour. Patients frequently express gratitude for his role as a lifesaver, guiding them from a world of fear to regaining a sense of normalcy and control over their appearance.

Beyond his professional realm, James is an active member of the Wamberal Surf Lifesaving Club for over 30 years, embodying the spirit of a lifesaver and philanthropist. James recently has become involved in the Disabled Surfers Association movement. In the past James has conducted free prosthetic clinics in places such as Tonga and Papua New Guinea. James likes to support organisations like Youth Off The Streets, with whom he has travelled to Tanzania, East Timor, and Papua New Guinea, contributing to philanthropic endeavours with the board of the Overseas Division.

Alice Grimsdell

Alice Grimsdell ProsthetistWith a Diploma in Technology and over a decade of laboratory experience, Alice stands as James H Morphett’s senior artificial eye maker and technician.

Having worked for two of the largest laboratories and global leaders in 3D Cad Cam technology, both in Australia and North America, she brings a wealth of expertise to our team.

Alice has spent over five years working and training as James’ ocularist technician, specialising in crafting prosthetics that prioritise comfort, aesthetics, and hygiene for each patient. Her meticulous work, combined with a patient and empathetic approach, allows her to create prosthetics that empower patients to feel confident and comfortable. Her proud moments are witnessing her patient’s faces light up when fitted with their new prosthesis.

Outside of her professional life, Alice's interests extend to yoga, healthy exercise, photography, and nutritious food. Recently, she has ventured into online publishing, sharing her insights on healthy eating to assist individuals in achieving their fitness and weight loss goals.