Different Artificial Eye Options for Your Child

For over 40 years we are recognised as the leading, innovative artificial eye supplier who has cared for and treated thousands of children (from 3 months) with conditions such a retinoblastoma, microphthalmia, anophthalmia, eye loss due to injury or other conditions with artificial eyes, as well as cosmetic or haptic shells.

Prosthetic Eyes

Crafted just for them, our artificial eye is a custom ocular prosthesis designed to replace their missing eye.

This prosthetic eye not only enhances your child's physical appearance but also fosters the natural development of facial structures and function. It encourages regular eyelid movement and tear production, boosting confidence and social interactions.

Cosmetic or Haptic Shells

Introducing the cosmetic eye shell, haptic shell, or scleral shell prosthesis – our slim shell is designed to fit seamlessly over a child's existing eye.

Its personalised design ensures a seamlessly natural appearance, fostering regular development and enhancing your child's self-esteem, and social interactions, while reducing anxiety.

It gives the wearer tactile feedback and moves and responds to pressure just like a real eye.

The Process of Fitting a Child's Artificial Eye

With gentle care and expert precision, we assess, hand craft, fit your child with a comfortable and natural-looking artificial eye, to boost your child’s confidence and self-expression.


The team will meet with you and your child, spend time getting to know you and understand your child’s needs. Depending on their response, we may create an impression of your child’s eye socket at this or a later appointment. This can be done at our practice, through observation or a potentially less distressing hospital option under anaesthesia.


Within our sterile lab environment, our skilled ocular technician meticulously sculpts and paints your custom prosthetic eye or shell from the impression. Using advanced 3D technology and proven materials, your child’s eye is crafted to match their unique features, resulting in a natural appearance and comfortable fit.

Fitting of your child’s prosthetic eye

Once the artificial eye has been crafted (between 2-3 weeks), we fit your child in our practice. This can be daunting for some children but is almost pain-free with some mild discomfort.  If you and your child are happy with the fit and appearance, we will instruct you on insertion, removal and cleaning of your new eye prosthesis.

Prosthetic eye care management

Return visits are required generally 2-3 weeks after first fitting of the eye prosthesis, then 3-4 months to assess progress, fit and appearance. Continual enlargement and replacing of the prosthesis help to stimulate and keep pace with your child’s growth. Regular visits help your child to feel more relaxed and cooperative with their care.

Our artificial eyes and shells offer comfort, health and a natural appearance to empower your confidence.
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Why Choose James H Morphett for an
artificial eye for your child?

For over 35 years, we’ve worked closely with the major children’s hospitals in NSW, creating a united team centred around your child’s care and comfort.  Our practice fosters a relaxed space, to transform a potentially daunting, stressful experience into moments of calmness.

  • Build confidence and self-esteem

    Our technology and expert craftsmanship, ensure your child’s custom prosthetic eye closely resembles the size, shape, and colour of their natural eye, contributing to a more balanced and symmetrical facial appearance.  This helps your child participate more confidently in social activities, interact with their friends, and develop social skills.

  • Promote function and movement

    Your child’s custom ocular prosthesis is more than cosmetic. Our carefully crafted false eye or shell is designed to mimic the natural eye's structure and function, aligning seamlessly with blinking and facial expressions within the eye socket. Additionally, we ensure it helps prevent issues such as eyelid closure problems and minimises the risk of infection.

  • Experience

    For more than 40 years as artificial eye suppliers, we have been sculpting artificial eye replacement to fit and look just right for your child. We use a mix of hand crafting and advanced techniques to match colours and make sure it feels super comfy. We know a lot about this, so we're ready for anything - from the first checkup to taking care of your child’s health, we're here for you.

Your Child's Ongoing Eye Prosthesis Care

Our practice provides checkups, expert advice, and problem-solving – everything you need to ensure your child’s comfort.

  • Artificial eye check-ups

    Regular visits to our ocularists make sure your child’s eye fits just right, feels comfy, and keeps optimal eye health. Checking how their artificial eye or shell feels and looks, helps us make sure their false eye or shell perfectly fits your child’s eye socket, making them happy and feel good about themselves.

  • Ongoing support

    It's super important your child's artificial eye is comfortable and brings joy. We're here to provide the expertise, guidance, and caring support needed for a positive experience. We team up with your doctors to make sure everything goes smoothly when you visit the hospital for checkups or if you need other well-being support.

  • Adjustments for prosthetic eyes

    Our ocularist's skills go beyond making a beautiful artificial eye. Their talented hands are vital for perfecting your child's special eye. Whether your child is growing, their eye socket is changing, or you just want to make it more comfortable, our prosthetic eye ocularist can make adjustments for the best comfort and performance.

    Read more about our eye prosthesis care service here.