Types of Ocular Prosthesis

Artificial Eyes

Our ocular prosthesis, also known as an artificial eye, is a custom-made device used to replace a missing eye. It is more than just a cosmetic replacement. Our false eyes play a crucial role in supporting normal facial development and function, easing the risk of eye socket complications as well as fostering well-being and reducing emotional stress.

The Process Of Fitting an Artificial Eye


During your first appointment with us, our prosthetic eye ocularist will spend time discussing your individual needs and assessing your eye socket and facial features to determine the ideal size, shape, and colour for your custom ocular prosthesis. We will take an impression of your orbit, create a wax model of your prosthesis and do an artificial eye colour match.

Fabrication of your prosthetic eye

Within the quality-controlled environment of our specialised Sydney laboratory, our expert prosthetic eye ocular technicians meticulously sculpt and paint your customised artificial eye or ocular prosthetic shell.  We utilise advanced technology and proven materials to create a lifelike false eye that seamlessly integrates with your unique facial features and your natural eye.

Fitting an artificial eye

At your second appointment, (about 2-3 weeks later) we will position your new prosthesis, checking for fit, cosmesis, comfort and function such as movement and blink ability.  During this time, we will also teach you how to insert and remove your new eye, how to clean and maintain it as well as, create your care plan.

Ongoing eye prosthesis care

We recommend visits to your ocularist every 1-2 years to assess your progress, comfort and appearance to promote your long-term health and well-being. This ongoing care helps us to monitor any changes in your eye socket and the condition of the prosthesis to support a positive experience.

Cosmetic or Haptic Shells

Our cosmetic eye shell, also known as a scleral shell prosthesis, is a custom-made, thin shell designed to fit over a discoloured, disfigured, or missing eye in an adult. It serves primarily an aesthetic purpose, restoring the natural appearance of the eye and improving facial symmetry. This natural-looking eye can boost the wearers’ confidence and self-image.

The Process Of Fitting a Shell

Consultation and Assessment

At your initial appointment, our ocularist will discuss your specific needs and expectations, assess the condition of your affected eye, and explain the steps involved in fitting a cosmetic/haptic shell. With your agreement, we will take an impression of your affected eye, a quick and virtually painless non-surgical procedure.

Fitting the Clear Shell

During your second visit, for first-time wearers, we will fit a clear shell over your affected eye to assess the overall fit and comfort. We will provide instructions on how to insert and remove the shell, clean it, and explain a detailed wearing plan to gradually acclimatise your eye to the shell, ensuring maximum comfort for the final fitting. For those who have previously worn a shell, we can skip the acclimatization step and proceed directly to the colour match.

Assessment of Clear Shell

For first-time wearers, at your third appointment, we will check the fit and comfort of the clear shell. If it has been worn successfully for the prescribed times, is comfortable, and you are confident in handling the shell, a white shell will be fabricated for the next appointment.

Fitting the White Shell

At your fourth appointment, we will fit the white shell, again checking for fit and comfort. If all is well, we will then proceed to the colour match.

Delivery of the Finished Shell

The fifth appointment is the big day – the delivery of your finished cosmetic/haptic shell.

Each of these appointments is generally spaced 2-3 weeks apart.

Our artificial eyes and shells offer comfort, health and a natural appearance to empower your confidence.
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Why Choose James H Morphett as your
artificial eye supplier?

With a commitment to precision and a wealth of experience as an artificial eye maker, our ocularists ensure not just a service but a personalised approach to your visual well-being.

  • Experience

    With over four decades of dedicated expertise, James H Morphett has refined the art of crafting prostheses, utilising sculpting, colour matching, and fitting techniques. This extensive experience allows us to anticipate and address any challenges, ensuring every step is personalised to your needs.

  • Individual Craftsmanship and Assessment

    Let our ocularists guide you on your customised eye care journey, to ensure your false eye or shell is perfectly tailored to your needs. Our dedication to individualised care ensures your artificial prosthetic perfectly fits your eye socket, offers a natural appearance to boost confidence and enhances your overall well-being.

  • Superior Fit, Finish, and Comfort

    Imagine a custom prosthetic eye so comfortable that it becomes virtually undetectable. Our unwavering attention to detail, both in fit and quality finish, assures a seamless integration with your facial features, restoring a sense of normalcy and elevating your self-esteem. We are dedicated to adjustments until you are completely satisfied with your final prosthesis.

  • Relationships

    Long-term relationships with our patients, medical and healthcare professionals in the ocular industry, are crucial for providing ongoing and tailored care for artificial eyes. These enduring connections allow us to stay abreast of the latest advancements, ensuring that you receive the highest standard of care and benefit from innovations in ocular prosthetics.

Ongoing Prosthetic Eye Care Support

Stay connected with James H Morphett with our range of services essential for artificial eyes - including adjustments, guidance, and emotional assistance for your comfort.

  • Check-ups

    We’re here for you. Regular check-ups are vital for artificial eyes to ensure the right fit, address comfort concerns, and uphold your overall eye health and appearance. Assessing the comfort and cosmetic aspects of your artificial eye guarantees a well-fitted, natural look, promoting satisfaction and emotional well-being.

  • Prosthetic eye polishing and cleaning

    Our prosthetic eye ocularists utilise state-of-the-art techniques to clean and polish to refine your artificial eye. Our specialised cleaning and polishing tools and know-how work magic to eliminate debris, preserving the brightness and comfort of your artificial eye or shell, ensuring a lasting vitality.

  • New Fittings

    Whether you need adjustments because your eye socket is changing or want a better fit for added comfort and functionality, our ocularists’ expertise goes beyond creating a beautiful artificial eye. Their skilled hands play a crucial role in problem-solving and identifying even the slightest misalignment, fine-tuning your custom ocular prosthesis.

    Read more about our aftercare service here.