Adjusting to Your New Artificial Eye

Much like nurturing any other part of your body, your artificial eye health and well-being flourishes with dedicated eye prosthesis care and regular checkups with our ocularists.

Getting used to your new prosthetic eye

It can take a while to get used to your eye wearing an artificial eye or shell.  Some perseverance may be required, to allow your body and mind to comfortably adjust to your prosthetic.

adult artificial eye ocular prosthesis
patient learning about an artificial eye cleaning routine

Adjusting to a Cleaning Routine

We'll show you how to incorporate a simple cleaning routine into your schedule, making sure your new artificial eye stays healthy and comfortable for years to come.

This quick and easy process will not only ensure optimal hygiene and prevent irritation, but also maintain the pristine appearance of your new eye, helping you feel confident and radiant every day.

The Importance of Eye Prostheses Care

Dedicated cosmetic shell or prosthetic eye care is essential, ensuring not only its longevity but also promoting comfort, a natural appearance, and your overall well-being.

  • Enhanced Comfort and Wearability

    You can now engage in activities without hesitation, knowing your artificial eye or shell is secure and comfortable. Whether it's socialising with friends, enjoying outdoor adventures, or pursuing your passions, you can do it all with confidence and ease, thanks to the expertise of the ocularists at James H Morphett, and our artificial eye technology.

  • Reduced Risk of Irritation and Infection

    Our ocularist's expertise in crafting and fitting your artificial eye plays a crucial role in preventing irritation, while diligent aftercare practices, like proper cleaning and lubrication, further reduce the likelihood of infection. Enjoy peace of mind and a sense of security, knowing your artificial eye is not only beautiful but also safe and healthy for your eye socket.

  • Extend the Lifespan of Your Artificial Eye

    Preserving the natural appearance of your artificial eye goes beyond aesthetics. When your ocular prosthetic seamlessly integrates with your facial features, it experiences less wear and tear from friction and irritation. Regular visits to your ocularist for polishing, assessment of fit, and appearance of your artificial eye, translates to a longer, more satisfying experience for you.

Our artificial eyes and shells offer comfort, health and a natural appearance to empower your confidence.
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Artificial Eye Aftercare Services

Our comprehensive approach to support and care contributes to your overall well-being and positive experience when wearing ocular prosthetics.

  • Regular Check-ups

    At each checkup, our ocularist will assess the fit and comfort of your prosthesis. We recommend you schedule regular follow-up appointments when suggested by your ocularist to monitor the fit, comfort, and condition of the prosthetic eye. Any discomfort, pressure, or changes in fit will be addressed promptly.

  • Ocularist Polishing and Cleaning

    Frequent polishing and cleaning of your artificial eye or shell using special tools by our ocularist will remove debris, protein build-up, and damage, ensuring your prosthesis stays vibrant, comfy, and free from harmful bacteria. This helps maintain your optimal long-term health and the natural appearance of your artificial eye or ocular prosthetic shell.

  • Problem Solving

    For 40 years, our ocularists have helped countless individuals achieve optimal satisfaction with their artificial eyes. If it’s been years since your last checkup or a simple desire for better appearance, comfort, and functionality, our expertise excels at pinpointing and fixing issues, ensuring your artificial eye experience is seamless and enjoyable.